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    To establish whether your paper is suitable for a journal, go to the website of the journal concerned, and then see the Aim and Scope of the journal.

    All papers must be submitted through “Submit Manuscript”.

    You are suggested to format your manuscript according to our standard template after receiving the Acceptance Email.

    MS Word (doc/docx) is the format for submitting your paper to our Paper Submission System.

    Quality is the most important criteria for the acceptance of a paper; but, authors are requested to prepare their papers in less than 25 pages.

    Yes, there are no restrictions on the type of paper that may be published with Scientific Research Center.

    You will receive an confirmation e-mail within the 1-2 days of submission. Your paper will then be checked and forwarded to the editors who will start the preliminary review. If there are any problems with your uploaded manuscript you will be contacted by the editors.

    After receiving Acceptance Email, the Copyright form should be signed by all authors and then please Reply it to the Acceptance Email.