• Editor in ChiefProfDr. Madjid Tavana
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  • ISSN print1755-80776
  • 12 issues per year

IJADS promotes integration of functional and behavioural areas of business with concepts and methodologies of decision sciences and information systems, with explicit focus on modelling and applied decision-making. It offers practical guidance bridging the gap between theory and practice and draws on a wide range of disciplines, including accounting, decision sciences/management science, finance, information systems, marketing, operations/business process and strategic/organisational management. IJADS is the flagship journal of Alpha Iota Delta, the international honour society in decision sciences and information systems.


Scientific Journal IMPACT FACTOR: 4.131

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Edotial Board


Prof. S. Abiyeyi

Department of Public Administration, University of Benin, West Africa.


  • Prof. Murat Senturk (PhD), Istanbul University, Turkey
  • Prof. Bhawana Sharma (PhD), Department of Political Sciences, BBD Govt P.G. College, India
  • Dr. Anisimova H. V., PhD, Associate Professor of the Environmental Law Department, Yaroslav Mudryational Law University, Kharkiv, Ukraine anisimova.ecolaw@gmail.com
  • Prof. Satya Yadav (PhD), Department of Economics, BSR Govt Arts College, India
  • Prof. Abdul Mansur Manish (PhD), Department of Arts, King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Natalya A. Blochina, PhD, Associate Professor of the Environmental Law Department, YaroslavMudry National Law University, Kharkiv, Ukraine. e-mail: blohina324@mail.ru
  • Prof. Mira Desay (PhD), Department of Education, Women’s College, Mumbai, India
  • Dr. Danilyan O. G, Candidate of Law Sciences, associate professor. Vladivostok state university of economy and service. (Russia, Vladivostok). e-mail: odana@i.ua
  • Prof. Beehoon Tan, (PhD), Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Prof. S.S. Kalamkar (PhD), Department of Rural Development, Sardar Patel University, India
  • N. Hosseinzade Nosrati, Invited Faculty Member of Management & Accounting Department ,University College of Nabi Akram, Tabriz, Iran.
Aim & Scope
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering economy, cost estimation
  • Environmental issues
  • ICT and information systems
  • Innovation, knowledge management, organizational learning
  • Inventory, logistics, transportation, supply chain management
  • Manufacturing, control, automation
  • Product/process design and management
  • Forecasting, production planning/control
  • Project/operations management, scheduling
  • Service systems/management, performance analysis, modelling/simulation
  • TQM/quality engineering, reliability/maintenance engineering
  • Computer applications in engineering and technology
  • Computer control system design
  • CAD/CAM, CAE, CIM and robotics
  • Computer applications in knowledge-based and expert systems
  • Computer applications in information technology and communication
  • Computer-integrated material processing (CIMP)
  • Computer-aided learning (CAL)
  • Computer modelling and simulation
  • Software engineering and management
  • Developing/applying complex system methods
  • Supply chains
  • Scheduling, planning and control
  • Process and job design
  • Product design
  • Innovation processes
  • Technology transfer
  • Technology and operations strategy
  • Sustainability
  • R&D management
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • etc.
Volume 01
  • Vol. 26, No. 4, 2017
Volume 02
  • voluom 2, issue 1, 2019