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  • 12 issues per year

IJADS promotes integration of functional and behavioural areas of business with concepts and methodologies of decision sciences and information systems, with explicit focus on modelling and applied decision-making. It offers practical guidance bridging the gap between theory and practice and draws on a wide range of disciplines, including accounting, decision sciences/management science, finance, information systems, marketing, operations/business process and strategic/organisational management. IJADS is the flagship journal of Alpha Iota Delta, the international honour society in decision sciences and information systems.


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Edotial Board


Prof. S. Abiyeyi
Department of Public Administration, University of Benin, West Africa.


  • Prof. Satish Kumar (PhD), Business Management PhD, Vidya Institute of Business,India
  • Prof. Roslan Hakim (PhD), Economical Sciences PhD, M M University, Malaysia
  • Prof. Chandra Patnaik (PhD), Accounting PhD, KIIT University, India
  • Prof. Said. Zakaria (PhD), Business Administration PhD, Department of Business Management, UPM University, Malaysia
  • Prof. Omar Faruk (PhD), Kirkelareli University, Turkey
  • Prof. Rosli Mahmood (PhD), Macro Economics PhD, Malaysian School of Business,Malaysia
  • Prof. Amaresh Bagchi (PhD), Financial Management PhD, National Institute of Public Finance, India
  • Ehsan Namdar Joyami, PhD Student, Public Administration (HRM), University of Sistan and
    Baluchestan. Iran
  • N. Hosseinzade Nosrati, Invited Faculty Member of Management & Accounting Department ,University College of Nabi Akram, Tabriz, Iran.
Aim & Scope
  • Accounting within the global economy, climate change
  • Accounting/auditing and money laundering’s impact on economies
  • Accounting/auditing in economic/financial crises
  • Business law, legal environment of business/development
  • Business strategy
  • Business theories/models, early economic theories
  • Business, production, and market orientation of local firms
  • Business/organizational communication, IT in global business, MIS, e-commerce
  • Computing and information technologies
  • Corporate culture, strategy and ethics
  • Corporate governance and strategy, MNCs, SMEs and entrepreneurship
  • Decision analysis, optimization
  • Economics, free trade, trade agreements, informal sector
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environment, energy and natural resources
  • Finance and risk management, revenue management
  • Financial and non-financial business performance
  • Financial Economics
  • Foreign investments, risks, and returns
  • Industrial engineering and human factors
  • Industrial engineering/management, supply chain/logistics management
  • Industrial Organization
  • Information technology and competitiveness
  • International business and local government policies
  • International business/management, business in transition economies
  • International capital markets/accounting/regulations
  • International Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Local culture, consumer behavior, and advertisements
  • Local multinational firms and their management
  • Marketing effectiveness and marketing culture
  • Marketing science
  • Monetary Economics
  • Operations management
  • Operations/production/performance/quality/project management
  • Organizational behavior, human resources, and training and development
  • Organizations
  • Outsourcing from EM
  • Policy modelling and public sector OR
  • Political economy, exercise of power
  • Product development and management
  • Regulation of national/international banking
  • Reporting impact on stock market instabilities
  • Research issues in EM
  • Service science
  • Simulation and stochastic models
  • Small– and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs) and family businesses
  • The Functioning of Markets
  • Transforming local brands into global brands
  • Transportation
  • etc
Volume 06-1
  • Volume 1-6, Issue 1-4,2013-2017
Volume 06
  • Issue 1, January-March 2018
  • Issue 2, April-June 2018
  •  Issue 3, July-September 2018
Volume 07
  •  Issue 1, July 2019
  •  Issue 2, September 2019