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General terms and conditions

  1. Standard Terms and Conditions for Scientific Research Center Publishers

Under the trade name Scientific Research Center Publishers in Haryana, India, Scientific Research Center Institute (with limited authority) grants you (the licensee) the right to permit online authorized users to access Scientific Research Center Journal on a non-exclusive, non-transferable basis. Authorized online users are either licensees or authors of individual articles who have purchased a license (licensed items) in order to pursue their educational or research objectives.

  1. The following terms are interpreted in this license:

Members of the faculty (faculty), employees, consultants, contractors, and licensed registered students who have been approved by license holders are authorized to use the library’s secure Internet network or environment outside of the library (remote access), while others may access library services that require permission. Additionally, they can access the secure Internet network via the same computer terminals provided on the library’s physical premises.

The term “commercial use” refers to the use of the licensed material for the purpose of generating profits through sales, loans, transfers, leases, or any other form of profit (other than reimbursement for direct costs incurred by the licensee).

  • Packages of educational materials: Items gathered or consolidated by authorized users for students’ use in classes or for other educational purposes.
  • Registries/Electronic Banks: Licensees create and store electronic copies of educational materials on a secure Internet network so that students who are exposed to particular course units can access them.
  • Secure Internet network: An Internet network that is only available to authorized users, i.e., those who have been authenticated while logging into the system, and their behavior is governed by the rules and regulations of that license holder.
  1. It is possible for the licensee to:
  • Provide authorized users with secure access to licensed content over the Internet.
  • Ensure that authorized users have access to public author, article title, abstract, and keyword lists of licensed materials.
  • Ensure that licensed users have access to printed or electronic versions of the articles or materials they need.
  • Ensure that the licensed content can be displayed, downloaded, or printed internally, for testing purposes, or for educational purposes.
  • The compilation of articles or items of licensed material into printed educational resources or electronic resources (including educational materials in non-printable and non-electronic perceptible formats, such as audio or braille for users with visual disabilities). All of these items must include appropriate recognition, the title, the list of topics, the name of the work, and the author and publisher’s exact names. Once this content is no longer needed for such purposes, it will be deleted.
  • Submission of a paper copy of an electronic version of an article or anthology or adaptation of licensed material to another library (by post, fax or secure transmission by airmail) as part of research or for personal study; is a paper copy of an electronic version of an article or an anthology.
  1. It is possible for authorized users to:
  • Search, view, retrieve, and display licensed content.
  • Electronically save search results for individual articles or anthologies of licensed material.
  • Print search results or copies of individual articles or anthologies containing licensed material.
  • Provide authorized users with printed or electronic copies of individual articles or anthologies of licensed material.
  1. Neither license holders nor authorized users may do any of the following without the publisher’s written consent.
  • Remove or modify author names, publisher copyright notices, or any other disclaimer text identifiers from Licensed Educational Materials.
  • Performing any kind of installation or distribution of licensed content on an electronic network other than a secure Internet network.
  • Commercial or advertising use, printing or resale of licensed content.
  • To distribute all or a portion of the licensed materials to users other than those authorized to use them in a systematic or regular manner.
  • Printing, distribution, or making available of the licensed items and works based on them or combining them with other items other than those specified in the license.
  • It is not permissible to substitute, adapt, customize, modify, or edit the Licensed Materials except as necessary for authorized users to understand them on a computer screen, or to change their order or wording.
  1. It is the Publisher’s sole responsibility to ensure that the Licensed Materials do not infringe on any copyrights or other intellectual property rights of third parties. Publishers protect and indemnify license holders against any losses, costs and expenses, such as professional and justified legal fees, resulting from legal actions claiming infringement of these rights. Despite the termination of the contract for any reason, this compensation remains in effect. Unless the license holder modifies the licensed items in an unallowable manner, this compensation will not apply. In all other cases, the publisher makes no representations or provides any type of express or implied warranty, including without limitation, warranties of design, accuracy, merchantability, or suitability. Items that are authorized certified are provided “as is”.
  2. In accordance with reasonable defamation principles, the Publisher reserves the right to remove from licensed material any case or discussion that no longer retains the right to publication and infringes copyright and intellectual property rights.
  3. Licence holders, authorized users, or any other person shall not be liable to the publisher for any disciplinary fines, damage caused by accidents, or damage due to inability to use or use licensed items. In no event will Publisher’s total financial liability exceed the amount paid by Licensees for the subscription period during which the claim, loss, or damage occurred. To put it another way, the publisher’s financial liability for damages is limited to the amount paid for the license subscription. As noted above, the stated limitations of liability or exclusions of special damages apply regardless of any other remedies. It is best if the license holder refrains from taking any action related to this license for a period of at least six months.
  4. As a license holder, you are required to:

Ensure that only authorized users are able to access the licensed content, as well as that authorized users are aware of the importance of respecting the intellectual property rights of the licensed resources.

It is your responsibility to alert the publisher to any unauthorized use or violation of the rules as soon as it is discovered, as well as to take reasonable measures, such as disciplinary measures, to prevent future violations.

  1. Under executive law, licensees are required to pay damages and indemnify the publisher from losses, damages, responsibilities, and expenses (including legal and professional expenses) resulting from any claim or legal action against the publisher and relating to licensees’ or legal users’ use or inadequacies of the license holder in fulfilling their obligations. As long as the license holder himself is not a violator of the license rules and after being made aware of the violation, he does not contribute to or neglect it, there is nothing in this license that holds the license holder responsible for the violation by authorized users.
  2. It is the publisher’s policy that if this license expires, authorized users will have continuous access to a portion of licensed material published during the subscription period after the expiration of the subscription period paid by the licensees (unless it has been renewed). The license holder will be able to access this information via the server or through the provision of electronic versions.

In the event either party breaches any material or persistent term of this License, and fails to remedy that breach (if any) on written notice to the other party within 30 days of receiving such notice, the license will be terminated. The publisher may no longer be required to provide permanent access to the licensed materials mentioned above if the licensee violates these laws and rights.

All rights and obligations of the parties are automatically terminated upon termination of the contract or expiration date, except for obligations related to licensed items, which may still be accessed.

  1. It is not considered a violation of this license or a validation of it if any of the parties are delayed or short-staffed as a result of circumstances beyond their control, including unlimited order, war, strike, flood, government barriers, internet outage, telecommunications and communication outage, interruption of electricity, or damage and destruction of any internet network facilities.
  2. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this license will be subject to the jurisdiction of Indian courts. The parties irrevocably agree that a court in India shall have jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of or in connection with this license.