Row Subject Authors Page Download
1 The relationship between brand equity and customer purchasing behaviour (case study; Tabriz shoe industry) Samad Alee, Amin Mirzajani Oskoee 01-11
2 Compilation and Validation of information systems effectiveness questionnaire Muddassar Jieyu, Ran Xingxing 12-27
3 Investigating the uncertainty of the predicted price of crude oil obtained from the machine learning model using Bayesian Alireza Kamrani, Shaghayegh Sahraei, Ramin Taghinejad 28-35
4 Exploring the concepts of identity and social capital, their relationships and different approaches Leila Malekpour Jonaghani, Zohre Ahmadi Beny 36-55
5 The relationship between cultural capital and social alienation among the students of Siahkal city Atefeh Afrasiabi goulak, Hossein Nazoktabar 56-62
6 The role of family functioning in predicting Internet addiction tendency of female students of Karaj city Hossein Nazoktabar, Mahrokh Akrami 63-70

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